Microscopic discec­tomy

Disc surgery under the micro­scope

Definition of the Micro­scopic dis­cec­tomy

Microscopic discectomy is the state of the art surgical treatment of disc prolapses, regardless of the prolapsed disc’s size and location.
Mikroskopische Operation
Microscopic discectomy

The surgical procedure to remove the prolapsed disc is conducted by entering the spinal canal from the backside in the lumbar and thoracic spine, whereas in the cervical spine the procedure is conducted from the front.

Post-operative care

Patients can leave the hospital within a few days. Mostly, rehabilitation or physiotherapy is not necessary, as patients will be instructed in exercises and behaviour during their hospital stay.
Four weeks after surgery, the first out-clinic appointment will be held, where further instructions are given.

Working Ability and leisure be­hav­iour

Generally, returning to work will be possible after three to four weeks. Heavy labour or sport activities will be possible after four to six weeks.