Micro­surgical decom­pres­sion of the spinal canal

Definition Micro­surgical decom­pression of the spinal canal

Degenerative changes, tumours or infections which lead to a narrowing of the spinal canal can be treated by decompression, i.e. opening of the spinal canal.

Microsurgical decompression frees the pinched nerves by removing bone spurs, thickened joint capsules, tumour tissues or abscesses.

Post-operative care

Patients can leave the hospital within a few days. Mostly, rehabilitation or physiotherapy is not necessary, as patients will be instructed in exercises and behaviour during their hospital stay.
Four weeks after surgery, the first out-clinic appointment will be held, where further instructions are given.

Working ability and leisure be­haviour

Generally, returning to work as well as conducting sport activities will be possible after four to six weeks.