Vertroplasty / Kypho­­plasty

Definition of Vertroplastyv / Kypho­plasty

Less severe vertebral fractures, caused by accidents, metastasis and osteoporosis, may be treated by Vertroplasty/Kyphoplasty.


Through a small incision a needle is introduced to the fractured vertebral body and afterwards bone-cement is injected to stabilize the fracture to reduce spinal pain.


Through a small incision a balloon is introduced to the fractured vertebral body to create a cavity so bone-cement can be injected to fill the cavity and therefore to stabilize the fracture.

Both surgeries can be conducted under local anaesthesia. Occasionally, general anaesthesia is required.

Post-operative care

The post-operative course depends on the number of stabilized vertebras. Generally, patients can leave the hospital within a few days.
A first post-operative appointment will be scheduled four to six weeks after surgery.

Working ability and leisure be­haviour

Usually, patients can return to work after four to six weeks. Daily activities, excluding heavy lifting (more than 10 kg), can be carried out earlier.