Endoscopic disc surgery

Keyhole technique

Definition of the Endos­copic Disc Sur­gery

The so-called keyhole technique has established itself as an alternative to common microscopic disc surgery in the treatment of certain lumbar disc prolapses.

Only a few specialized clinics offer endoscopic disc surgery, due to its demanding surgical technique.

During an endoscopic surgery, an endoscope, with a diameter of no more than 7 millimetres, is introduced through a small opening and led to the prolapsed disc. The prolapsed disc or extruded disc material can be removed precisely. In this way, the pinched spinal nerve roots are freed.

Live footage of an endoscopic disc surgery (Production: Baldwyn Pictures).


Endoscopic disc surgery reduces scar formation and post operative pain. Hospital stays are reduced to two days.

Working ability and lei­sure behav­iour

Generally, returning to work will be possible after a few days. Heavy labour or sport activities will be possible after four to six weeks.